55$/hour (minimum 2 hours for new clients)



500$/day (10 hours) for local and independent artists/bands

Weekly rates available 


Full production EP, Full lengths and live sessions packages available upon request.

Local and independent artists specials: 


Single Deal - Recording and Mixing $350 for a 3-5 minute song

Single Mixing Deal - Mixing $150 for a 3-5 minute song
(additional editing and corrections at our hourly rate of $55/hr)

Day Session - 10 hours @ 500$


Mixing - 55$/hour (or single deal) - live stream of mixing process available!

Mix transfer to tape - 25$/song w a discount for 6 songs more

Remote use of our outboard gear (see gear list) - 25$/track
(can be passed through multiple items at once)

Remote drum tracks by a professional drummer - 100$/song
(w a 35$ initial set up session fee)

Every project is unique therefore our rates are determined on a per project basis. 


In order for us to help you create the best project possible we need as much detail
as you can provide, including:

  • how many songs in your project

  • what type of music you will be recording

  • the instrumentation

  • how much time you think you will need in the studio (hrs, days, weeks)

  • the dates you want to book your session. 

  • your budget


Let us know this info along with your budget and we'll make you

a custom recording package!